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Chiu Yong Qin PicturesChiu Yong Qin Pictures:Chiu Yong Qin Picture | Chiu Yong Qin | Chiu Yee Fong , Singapore – A Taiwanese celebrity’s daughter, accused of converting more than $100,000 worth of casino cash chips for her own use, intends to plead guilty to her offences, a District Court heard on Monday morning.Chiu Yee-Fong, 30, was a croupier at Resorts World Sentosa casino when she allegedly converted the cash chips entrusted to her for her own use between September 28 and November 7.
Chiu Yong Qin photos Chiu Yee-fong, 30, was a dealer at Resorts World Sentosa Casino, when she allegedly converted the money entrusted chips to them for their own use between 28 September and 7 November. Chiu told the court Monday that her parents would make restitution on their behalf. Her case was adjourned for a week for the prosecution to appoint a deputy prosecutor to handle the matter.Read More details

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