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Kevin Nash:WWE Royal Rumble 2011

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WWE Royal Rumble 2011:Royal Rumble 2011 has become much more interesting. Dave Meltzer reported that Kevin Nash and Booker T on Royal Rumble 2011, and newcomers are likely to secrecy. WWE signing to kill the corner, what should be booking TNA Wrestling, in Nash-T and its advantages were. Who can tell me that the signing of Kevin Nash and Booker T is slightly larger than a lot of work screw TNA Wrestling needs a reality. WWE Royal Rumble 2011Former WWE Champion was scheduled to TNA on Monday as part of “you” angle, which is based on TNA Impact. Nash & T planned to make the main event mafia with Kurt Angle and Sting and defend the honor of TNA. There is no chance of signing two important players, a few days before the important angle in TNA, and it is nothing more in mind that if you want to play with the big boys, it is better to have all their guys under contract before they are on the corner. Kevin Nash:WWE Royal Rumble 2011
some might call a foul, while others may be called only for business. These things are very rare in the Monday night wars, the legendary 90-ies of the most memorable time Rick Rude on Nitro RAW live and recorded simultaneously. In my opinion, this is cause for immediate dismissal of TNA Wrestling as booking a large angle without your boyfriend by contract simply inexcusable, and someone has to fall. Then again, TNA and full responsibility for any errors in TNA these days, it seems, “TNA hater.”
At the end of the day you have to wonder if Vince McMahon just cut off your nose to spite of their faces. I can not think of redemption values in 2011, Kevin Nash returns as a full-time interpreter WWE. the last race of Nash in WWE was a huge disappointment that was emphasized Nash tore his quadriceps live on RAW, just to walk around the ring. To his credit Nash remained relatively injury free for six years in TNA. On the other hand Read More

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