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Lindsay Lohan’s Arrival At Court(Photos)

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Lindsay Lohan's Arrival At Court(Photos)Lindsay Lohan reached at an LA courthouse Wednesday afternoon to be charged with felony grand theft for stealing a $2,500 necklace. She was found not guilty after the judge told her “Don’t push your luck.”Lohan chose a snug white mini-dress for the occasion. Her manicure was chipped but at least it did not declare an obscenity. She has previously caused a stir by wearing cleavage to court.She had been involved in many cases in the past and was found guilty, as a result she was bailed many times.Saying it appeared Lohan had been violated her probation in a 2007 drunken driving case, Schwartz set bail at $40,000 and warned that if she was accused of breaking the law while free, he would have her held without bail.
1.She was accused of stealing a $12,000 coat in 2008 from an NYC club.
2.She was suspected of taking a $400,000 necklace in 2009 from Elle.
3.She was accused of taking a $35,000 Rolex from a “friend” in 2010.
The “Mean Girls” star has remained in the spotlight throughout her legal problems.Wednesday, she was met by a swarm of photographers and TV cameras when she arrived at the courthouse in a white dress and sunglasses.

Lindsay Lohan’s Arrival At Court(Photos)

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