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The deceptively simple Line Rider started as a free Flash game. It was able to move beyond restrictions, such as not having a tangible goal or even the ability to save your hard-earned work, and ensnared a community of creatively inclined ski artists. Unbound, the first retail release of the series, has kept the simple design from the original while adding more track options, a full Story mode, and community features to share all of your work. Patience is still the key to both making your way through the maddening puzzles, as well as crafting your own zany designs to torment the community. The trial-and-error gameplay can be exhausting at times, but the overwhelming sense of accomplishment for finally figuring out a particularly difficult track makes it well worth the initial struggles.
MBTA Transit Police report arresting a woman Sunday afternoon on charges she escalated an argument on a C trolley by smacking one opponent in the back of the head with her umbrella and then smacking another by opening the umbrella up in her face.
line rider
Isoline Peart-Smith, 21, was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and resisting arrest following the 2:30 p.m. incident on an outbound C trolley by St. Mary Street, according to a police report.
line rider
According to the report, Peart-Smith hit the one of the women in the back of the head twice with her multi-colored umbrella and then turned her attention to the other woman with whom she was arguing “by hitting the button on the handle and expanding it.”
line rider
The report adds “the umbrella was secured and submitted into evidence,” but does not say what the argument was about.

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