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Marmite Banned In Denmark Considering It Threat To Public Health

May 25, 2011 Leave a comment
Marmite Banned In Denmark Considering It Threat To Public Health

Marmite Banned In Denmark Considering It Threat To Public Health

Today’s Guardian has the story that Denmark is to ban Marmite. As the FT’s Stanley Pignal quipped on Twitter, is this the next step (after new customs controls, despite Schengen) from Denmark’s populist Dansk Folkeparti to keep foreigners away by banning their foods?

While the idea of Pia Kjærsgaard lobbing jars of Marmite across the border is an amusing one, the case is an interesting matter of EU versus national law, and that law is not on Copenhagen’s side.

Essentially EU food law is supreme over national food law, and has been for years in the EU’s single market. This means that a product that is safe for sale in one EU Member State is allowed to be sold in other Member States. This is the reason why France, who had banned Red Bull, is now obliged to allow it to be sold.

Marmite Banned In Denmark Considering It Threat To Public Health

The Danish Marmite case also has parallels with a case from 2008 when a UK firm based in Barnsley used EU law to export baguettes to France. In that circumstance French bread law prevented the use of hydrogenated fats in baking, while EU law did not prevent this, allowing the UK firm to export. The Danish Marmite case is the same. Even if the 2004 Danish law mentioned in The Guardian’s article did rule the yeast spread to be unsafe, since it is still legal for sale in the UK and legal under EU law there should be nothing that the officials from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration can do about it.

If the folks from Abigail’s Food Store in Copenhagen want to keep stocking Marmite they should explain this Barnsley baguette case to the Danish authorities, and might – eventually – have to take a case before the European Court of Justice, but the chances of winning that case would be very high.

In addition to the main gist of this story, I have searched to check what derogations Denmark has from EU food law, and have found this page from the Danish Parliament. The only cases where Denmark is allowed to impose tougher standards is over the nitrite and nitrate content of foods but, as far as the ingredients of Marmite show, this should not be an issue here, and The Guardian story states the reason is the vitamin supplement, not nitrite and nitrate.

[UPDATE 25.5.11 – 0100]
A very similar issue has been ruled upon by the ECJ in 2003 in C-192/01. That case ruled against Denmark and in favour of free movement of products with vitamin supplements. So what’s different this time? In comparison to the anti-EU rubbish being spouted on it would seem more and more likely that it will be EU law that will allow Marmite exports to Denmark to continue.

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Line Rider

May 24, 2011 Leave a comment

The deceptively simple Line Rider started as a free Flash game. It was able to move beyond restrictions, such as not having a tangible goal or even the ability to save your hard-earned work, and ensnared a community of creatively inclined ski artists. Unbound, the first retail release of the series, has kept the simple design from the original while adding more track options, a full Story mode, and community features to share all of your work. Patience is still the key to both making your way through the maddening puzzles, as well as crafting your own zany designs to torment the community. The trial-and-error gameplay can be exhausting at times, but the overwhelming sense of accomplishment for finally figuring out a particularly difficult track makes it well worth the initial struggles.
MBTA Transit Police report arresting a woman Sunday afternoon on charges she escalated an argument on a C trolley by smacking one opponent in the back of the head with her umbrella and then smacking another by opening the umbrella up in her face.
line rider
Isoline Peart-Smith, 21, was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and resisting arrest following the 2:30 p.m. incident on an outbound C trolley by St. Mary Street, according to a police report.
line rider
According to the report, Peart-Smith hit the one of the women in the back of the head twice with her multi-colored umbrella and then turned her attention to the other woman with whom she was arguing “by hitting the button on the handle and expanding it.”
line rider
The report adds “the umbrella was secured and submitted into evidence,” but does not say what the argument was about.

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Mayan Calendar 2012

May 23, 2011 Leave a comment

No one disagrees that the Mayan calendar ends – for what ever reason – in December of the year 2012. Some day its December 21st and some say its December 23rd.

Anyway, did the Mayans actually tell us what would happen when their calendar ends?

I don’t get it. But it is very interesting.

What they said is that the cycle comes to an end on that date. what that means is anyone’s guess

Nothing will happen that day. I plan to get up, poop, eat b-fast, & go to work as per usual.

someone said that the world will end on that day. hey,i may not be around to witness anything! oh well i really dont believe in that stuff.

So what is going to happen to the planet on that date?

Well, actually, nothing out of the ordinary in the way of disasters!

What is happening is not of the physical world, but of the spiritual and, in particular, our collective consciousness.

According to the Mayan Calendar December 21, 2012 marks the beginning of a new era in the development of man. it marks a transition from where mankind has a consciousness, to a higher level where mankind is consciousness.

I believe something will happen on that day.

Mayan Calendar 2012

Oh great….
I won’t even get to celebrate my 25th birthday cuz the world will end on that day. LOL. My bday in on the 22nd.

The Mayans Calendar, which is not predicting the end of the world in 2012, but the start of a new era on December 21st, 2012. The year 2012 marks the end of the “Great Cycle.” When it came to mathematics, time and calendars, the Maya were geniuses. Believing that time repeated itself in cycles.

That this would be the end of the world. The apocalypse.

I don’t know of any predictions the Mayans made, their calendar just ends there. Theirs is not the only one, either. several American Indian tribes also mark 2012 as the “End of this deram and the beginning of the new dream”.
Astronomically, that’s when the solar system passes across the galactic “equator” or the center plane of the galaxy. there are several theories making the rounds about what will happen then, from polar shifts to major earth changes due to earthquakes, floods, and the like. I’ve heard that even most psychics and clairvoyants have a hard time seeing anything beyond 2012.
Hang on, it could be a wild ride !

Mayan Calendar 2012

After a long search I have found that there is not one single writing about what, exactly, was predicted by the Mayans for the year 2012. Their calendar ends, it is not known why. The assumption that the calendar ends because the Mayans predict the end of the world is the general assumption, but this is not based in fact nor scientific data.

“According to the Maya’s predictions the physical unleashing cause for the change is that we would receive a radiation originated in the centre of the galaxy which would be transmitted to the Solar system as an immense “radiant flare”. this event would start a new cosmic cycle. ”

The above is a quote from Marilola Castro Moure, a reporter from The Digital Magazine of Cuban Arts and Culture. in my opinion this just conjecture on her part since it bears no scientific fact, just assumptions.

Interestingly enough, for all the talk about 2012, it is quite difficult to find a single listing of all the prophecies. most of what you find o

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End Of The World May 21st

May 18, 2011 Leave a comment

End of the World May 21st? | It’s been showcased in movies and while whatsoever say the end of the world testament materialize in 2012 and others promise it faculty chance this Saturday.

You may tally seen the billboard that reads “Judgment Day” is Sat, May 21, 2011. Or, you’ve may know heard a radio ad time dynamical around townsfolk. “The measure is  May 21, 2011,” the ad says.

That’s according to sermonizer Harold Camping. He’s working the radio spot in Reno, to remind fill of his belief; Deliverer’s support reaching is this weekend.

Family Radio ministry posted billboards with a warning mention “Opinion Day, May 21, The Word Guarantees It!” In twelvemonth 1994, Harold Camping prefabricated his early statement that the end of the experience give then bechance but afterward he said he was misconduct because of mathematical fault.

Numerous group say Encampment’s reasoning is untrue since his terminal “Judgment Day”statement didn’t get sincere in 1994.

Father Norman King with Spotless Idea Faith says not to distract, “for anyone to speculate a peculiar comrade, I conceive that is totally hokum.”

If Camping is basing his statement on past catastrophic events same, Mississippi river flooding in the southwestern, great quakes suchlike we’ve seen in Japan, wars in the Midsection Asia, or offensive insects. Priest Reverend says it’s all happened throughout chronicle, but no apocalypse. “It could pass today.  It could be at six o’timepiece tonight. It could be anytime,” Father King says.

Camping has a following that has prefabricated it their mission to let group bang that the end of the Wold is left.

Stay for Just a second : All you have read above is nothing but lie.

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Osama Bin Laden killed

May 2, 2011 2 comments


Osama bin Laden, the glowering mastermind behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks that killed thousands of Americans, was slain in a firefight Sunday with U.S. forces in Pakistan, ending a manhunt that spanned a frustrating decade.

“Justice has been done,” President Barack Obama said in a dramatic late-night announcement at the White House.

Osama Bin Laden killed

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Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress Revealed! (pictures)

April 29, 2011 1 comment
Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Revealed!

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Revealed!

Perhaps we’re in the small percentile that cares about the Royal Wedding enough to wake up at this ungodly hour. Though in our defense, we were in diapers during Princess Diana’s Royal Wedding, so this is our first go at a sovereign shebang. And really, who gives a rat’s ass that our curiosity got the best of us? This is as prestigious as it gets and we’re finally going to see that dress!

Much speculation has been made about which designer Kate Middleton would wear on the most important day of her life, though Alexander McQueen’s bridal gown, under the creative direction of Sarah Burton, has been a front-runner since the beginning. Choosing a dress must have been such a complicated ordeal for Middleton because so much is riding on that dress. Not only will it be representing her personal style, but also signifying what kind of princess she will be.

We do know that Middleton’s gown will have to have sleeves — anything less at the Abbey would be a scandal.

So what dress did the Princess-to-be (who did her own makeup today, mind you) choose?

In the first glimpse of the dress we notice it has long lace sleeves, like we were told it would, with a plunging v-neckline.

Most of us wondered if Middleton would wear a gown as striking as Diana’s huge and elaborate poofy dress that almost hid her entire body. However, with Middleton we see a perfect silhouette of a dress. Lots of embroidery with a translucent veil over her face.

“Miss Middleton chose British brand Alexander McQueen for the beauty of its craftsmanship and its respect for traditional workmanship and the technical construction of clothing. Miss Middleton wished for her dress to combine tradition and modernity with the artistic vision that characterises Alexander McQueen’s work. Miss Middleton worked closely with Sarah Burton in formulating the design of her dress.”

Well done!


Earth Day 2011 Pictures Of Google Doodle

April 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Here I am sharing different picture of Google doodle. Google used to show a doodle on it’s main page at  every special occasion or event. Pictures given below are of that doodle which was showed by Google to show the importance of Earth Day 2011. This doodle was based on beautiful animation showing many pretty species in jungle which makes animation on mouse over.The different picture seems to be same but you can easily find out the difference if you pay a little attention to them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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